Dr Tony Speed graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland Dental School in 1975 and after honing his skills in Wynnum and Sunnybank moved into the Holland Park practice at the end of 1978. This means he is now treating third (and even fourth) generation patients which, on the one hand makes him feel old, but on the other is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of his career – to have this trust placed in his skills and care is humbling and to watch children grow up and have their own families is immensely pleasurable.

Still passionate about all aspects of general dentistry, Tony has, in particular, built on his enthusiasm for surgery over the years and has a great depth of knowledge and skill in the removal of wisdom teeth, gum surgery and implant dentistry. He has been instrumental in developing the general anaesthetic facility at the practice to facilitate these procedures and also the treatment of the dentally phobic patient.

Implant dentistry has become his particular obsession and he completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants) at Sydney University in 2009 to formalize his qualifications in this area. In particular he finds the use of implants to anchor dentures probably one of the most exciting developments to have taken place during his professional career and is one of the pioneers of this technique in Queensland.

Tony has remained very active in continuing education and belongs to several study and specialist societies and the Australian Dental Association and has served on the executive of all these groups. Outside of dentistry, Tony is always happy to talk skiing with anyone who expresses even the faintest interest in the topic. Apart from skiing Tony is very keen on cycling and the gym and has taken part in a few of the local challenge and charity bike rides.