Marilyn graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland Dental School in 1974 and after a short stint in government and private practice returned to the University to teach and undertake research. Following the birth of son Simon in 1983, she returned to private practice, doing mainly locum work, until establishing her own practice at Milton in 1989. The tyranny of arthritis dictated the sale of the practice in 2007 so that she could reduce the hours of clinical dentistry to a more manageable level.

Still very actively involved in the day to day running of the practice, she can be found doing clinical dentistry, triage, laboratory work, reception and human resource management often all before morning tea! This means that she is still actively involved in continuing education, and remains passionate about good oral hygiene being the foundation of all dentistry.

Away from dentistry, in spite of the arthritis, she continues to ski, albeit with a somewhat more staged approach, look after her gorgeous grandaughter, walk the dogs, cook and garden and enjoy these activities with the renewed vigour having more time available makes possible.

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